• Manassa Elementary
    Student Handbook / Policies 

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    Children may enter Kindergarten if they are 5 years old before July 1st.  
    Children enrolling in the first grade may enter if they are 6 years old prior to July 1st.  
    All pupils entering the school system will be required to present a birth certificate and evidence of required immunizations.   


    7:35                 Staff Arrives

    7:50                 First Bell

    7:55                Classes Begin / Breakfast in the classroom

    9:30 - 9:45      Kinder Recess

    9:50 - 10:05   1st Recess

    10:05 - 10:20 2nd Recess

    11:00 - 11:40  Kinder Lunch

    11:20 - 12:00  1st Lunch

    11:40 - 12:20  2nd Lunch

    12:00 - 12:40 3rd Lunch

    12:20 - 1:00   4th Lunch

    12:40 - 1:20   5fh Lunch

    1:30 - 1:45     Kinder Recess

    1:50 - 2:05     1st Recess

    2:10 - 2:25     2nd Recess

    2:30 - 2:45     3rd Recess

    2:50 - 3:05     4th Recess

    3:10 - 3:25     5th Recess

    4:00               Dismissal

    4:07               Romeo Bus

    4:13               Staff Dismissed

    As students arrive to school they are to go to the playground.  On days when the weather is very inclement, students will be allowed into the Cafeteria.

    Students who do not ride the bus are not to arrive at school until 7:20 as we do not have teachers on duty until this time. School is dismissed at 4:00, those students who walk home are to leave the school grounds immediately.

    As part of promoting healthy and active life styles we ask that students and families walk or ride bikes to Manassa Elementary.  There are many health benefits for students walking or riding to school, but this also reduces the congestion related to the amount of cars that fill our parking areas before and after school.

    Parents are asked not to park in the Bus Loading Zones and to use designated "Cross Walk" areas when crossing the road in front of the school and on Main Street.

    See that children are dressed properly for the weather.  Make sure that all coats and jackets are marked with the child's full name.  If your child has lost an article, it would be helpful if the parents would check the school's lost and found.  

    • -Encourage your child to attend school regularly and to be on time.
    • -When you need to get a message to your child, please leave the message with the office.
    • -We will not call students out of the classroom to talk on the phone.
    • -On many occasions, notes an dbulletins will be sent home.  Please read them and comply with any instructions.
    • Most importantly, please take an active role in your child's education.  Take the time to read with your child each day.

    The North Conejos School District is committed to recognizing the unique talents, gifts, and abilities of the student population.  We are committed to providing an environment which maximizes intellectual development of each student.  Our goal is to recognize student potential, identify student needs, and align instructional programming.  We do this by:

    • Assissting students in becoming self-directed learners
    • Provide students with a curriculum that has advanced content
    • Provide opportunities for students to work in interest areas
    • Encouraging students to develop their talents and abilities

    Communication throughout this process will be maintained.

    To learn more about specific programs and opportunities, please contact Manassa Elementary at 843-5277. 

    One criteria of a student's success in school is regular and punctual attendance.  Frequent absences may lead to poor academic work, lack of social development and possible academic failure.  Regular attendance is of the utmost importance for school interest, social adjustment and scholastic achievement.  No single factor may interfere with a student's progress more quickly than frequent tardiness or absence.

    According to state law, it is the obligation of every parent/guardian to ensure that every child under their care and supervision receives adequate education and training and, if of compulsory attendance age, attends school.  

    Each year the Board establishes the school attendance period by adopting a school calendar.  Secondary students are required to have 1,056 hours of teacher-pupil contact time, while elementary students are required to have 968 hours of contact time.  

    Continuity in the learning process and social adaptation is seriously disrupted by excessive absences.  In most situations, the work missed cannot be made up adequately because of the lack of instruction.  Students who have good attendance generally achieve higher grades, enjoy school more, and are more employable after leaving school.

    The following shall be considered excused absences:  
      1.  A student who is temporarily ill or injured, or whose absence is approved by the administrator of the school.  Pre-arranged absences shall be approved            for appointments or circumstances of a unique nature which cannot be taken care of outside of school hours.
      2.  A student who is absent for an extended period due to physical, mental, or emotional disability.  
     3.  A student who is pursuing a work-study program under the supervision of the school.  
      4.  A student who is attending any school sponsored activity, or activities of an educational nature with advanced approval by the building principal. 

    The district may require suitable proof regarding the above exceptions, including written statements from medical sources.  

    An unexcused absence is defined as an absence that is not covered by one of the forgoing exceptions.  Each unexcused absence shall be entered on the student's record.  The parents or guardian of the student receiving an unexcused absence shall be notified orally or in writing by the district of the unexcused absence.  

    The maximum number of unexcused absences a student may incur before judicial proceedings are initiated to enforce compulsory attendance is seven unexcused absences during any grading quarter.  


    Make-up work shall be provided for any class in which a student has an excused absence unless otherwise determined by the building administrator.  It is the responsibility of the student to pick up any make-up assignments permitted on the day he/she returns to class.  There shall be one day allowed for make-up work for each day of absence.  

    Make-up work shall be allowed following an unexcused absence.  However, this work will only receive partial credit, which is the consequence for an unexcused absence.  

    Students that are suspended will be able to make up work missed during the suspension.  As part of the consequence for obeing suspended the student wil lonly receive 50% credit for this make-up work.


    Tardiness is defined as the appearance of a student without proper excuse after the scheduled time that a class begins.  Because of the disruptive nature of tardiness and the detrimental effect upon the rights of the non-tardy student to uninterrupted learning, penalties shall be imposed for excessive tardiness.  Parents/guardians shall be notified of all penalties regarding tardiness.   

    In an unavoidable situation, a student detained by another teacher or administrator shall not be considered tardy provided that the teacher or administrator gives the student a pass to enter his next class.  Teachers shall honor passes presented in accordance with this policy.  


    Students who arrive to school after 10:50 a.m., or who leave school before 1:50 p.m., will be considered 1/2 day absent.



    Your child will receive a grade of "S" unless there is a problem in the class.  Attendance and participation are very important compnents of physical education, music and computer class.  Therefore, students will have points deducted from their P.E., Music and Computer grades if they have 3 or more absences in those classes.

    3 absences - S-
    4 absences - NI
    6 absences - U

    Students may also receive a lower grade because of non-participation, poor behavior, or noncompletion of assingments.

    Students will be allowed to make up any written assignments that they might miss.  It is the student's responsibility to report to Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Valentine and /or Mrs. Crowther to see if s/he needs to make up any written assignment.

    Please check with Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Valentine and/or Mrs. Crowther if yo uhave any questions concerning the grading guidines in P.E., Music and/or Computer Class.


    The principal may suspend or recommend expulsion of a student who violates one or more of the following specific activities while in the school buildings, on school grounds, in school vehicles, or during a school sponsored activity.

    1.  Causing or attempting to cause damage to school property, or stealing or attempting to steal school property of value.
    2.  Causing or attempting to cause damage to private property, or stealing or attempting to steal private property. 
    3.  Causing or attempting to cause physical injury to another person, except in self defense.
    4.  Commission of any acts, which if committed by an adult would be robbery or assault as defined by state law.  Suspension or expulsion shall be mandatory        in accordance with state law.
    5.  Violation of a criminal law.
    6.  Violation of district or building regulations.
    7.  Violation of the district's policy on dangerous weapons in the schools.  Expulsion shall be mandatory for carrying, bringing, using or possessing a deadly weapon.

    8.  Violation of the district's alcohol use/drug abuse policy.  Expulsion shall be mandatory for the sale of drugs or controlled substances, in accordance with state law.

    9.  Violation of the district's smoking and use of tobacco policy.

    10.  Throwing objects outside of supervised school activities that can cause bodily injury or damage property.

    11.  Directing profanity, vulgar language, or obscene gestures toward other students, school personnel, or visitors to the school.

    12.  Engaging in verbal abuse, i.e., name calling, ethnic or racial slurs, or derogatory statements addressed publicly to others that may precipitate disruption of the school program or incite violence.

    13.  Committing extortion, coercion or blackmail, i.e., obtaining money or other objects of value from an unwillingly person, or forcing an individual to act through the use of force or threat of force.

    14.  Lying or giving false information, either verbally or in writing, to a school employee.

    15.  Scholastic dishonesty which includes but is not limited to cheating on a test, plagiarism, or unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing written work.

    16.  Continued willful disobedience or open and persistent defiance of proper authority.

    17.  Behavior on or off school property which is detrimental to the welfare, safety or morals of other students or school personnel.

    18.  Repeated interference with the school's ability to provide educational opportunities to other students.

    19.  Engaging in the "bullying" of other students or staff members.


    Besides suspension or expulsion, other possible consequences students may face for violating any of the above guidelines includes, but are not limited to:

    -loss of recesses

    -loss of field trip privileges

    -in-school detention

    -before or after school detention



    Manassa Elementary has a strict policy in regards to dangerous weapons.  State law requires that expulsion shall be mandatory for any student in possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds, school vehicles, or at a school activity.  By law, "dangerous weapons" are defined as any of the following:

    A.  A firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, or a firearm facsimile that could be reasonably mistaken for an actual firearm.

    B.  Any pellet or "bee-bee" gun or other device, whether operational or not, designed to propel projectiles by spring action or compressed air.

    C.  A fixed blade knife with a blade that measures longer than 3 inches in length or a pocket knife with a blade longer than three and one-half inches.

    D.  Any object, device, instrument, material, or substance, whether animate or inanimate, used or intended to be used to inflict death or serious bodily injury. 


    Please do not allow your child to bring any toy weapons to school.

    The Board of Education has determined that extra precautions are important and necessary to provide for student safety.  Therefore, the carrying, bringing, using, or possessing of any knife, regardless of the length of the blade, in any school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle, or at any school sponsored activity without express authorization is prohibited.  Students who violate this policy shall be referred to the building principal for appropriate disciplinary proceedings.  Any student who violates this policy a second time shall be automatically suspended.  

    If a student discovers that he/she has carried, brought, or is in possession of a knife and the student notifies a teacher, administrator, or other authorized person in the school district, and as soon as possible delivers the knife to that person, expulsion shall not be mandatory and such action shall be considered when determining appropriate disciplinary action, if any. 



    Possession of dangerous materials, such as, but not limited to, matches, lighters, fireworks, flammable liquids by students while in or on school properties, or under the school's jurisdiction during school hours, or while participating in a school sponsored event is prohibited.



    Smoking and the conspicuous possession of tobacco products by students while in or on school properties, or under the school's jurisdiction during school hours, or while participating in a school sponsored event is prohibited.


    Student offenses relating to the possession, use, or sale of drugs (controlled substances), alcohol, other intoxicants, or imitations thereof, will result in either mandatory expulsion or discretionary recommendation for suspension or expulsion, depending on the particular offense.

    Expulsion shall be mandatory for a student who unlawfully sells a drug or controlled substance.



    Students are not to sell any item during school hours.  We ask that all students selling items for fund raisers do so when scbhool is not in session.  Consequence for this infraction could result in a suspension.



    All visitors to the school must first check in at the school office.  You will be issued a visitor's tag that must be worn in a prominent place.  This policy is enforced for the safety of the children and the staff.


    Parents/guardians are always welcome to visit school at any time.  We do ask that you check in the office and sign the register as you enter.  We hope all parents will make an effort to visit the rooms of their children to observe the work of students and to keep acquainted with the materials and learning techniques used by the various grades.



    While we encourage parents to visit school, it is not in the best interest of the students of our school to have visiting relatives or friends visit the school.  These visitors usually cause a disruption in the classroom no matter how well behaved they might be.  Please consider this before requesting permission for your child to bring a visitor to school.



    All visitor requests must be approved by the principal.



    We are fortunate to have a half-time counselor at our school.  Our counselor visits each of the classes and talks about issues such as conflict resolution skills, refusal skills, self-esteem, etc.  On occasion, teachers will send students to visit with the counselor when they feel that the child needs someone to talk to.

    If you would like the counselor to visit with your child on a regular basis, please make arrangements to visit with the counselor to talk about the specific needs of your child.  Parents must sign a permission form before the counselor may visit with your child on a regularly scheduled basis.



    Sexual harassment is recognized as a form of sex discrimination and thus a violation of the laws that prohibit sex discrimination.

    A learning environment that is free from sexual harassment shall be maintained.  It shall be a violation of policy for any staff member to harass students or for students to harass other students through conduct or communications of a sexual nature.

    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature may constitute sexual harassment when:

    1.  submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicity a term of condition of a person's educational development

    2.  submission to or rejection of such conduct by an indivudual is used as the basis for educational decisions affecting such individual

    3.  such conducting has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's educational performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational enviroment.

    Sexual harassment as defined above may include but is not limited to:

    1.  sex-oriented verbal "kidding", abuse, or harrassment

    2.  pressure for sexual activity

    3.  repeated remarks to a person with sexual or demeaning implication

    4.  unwelcome touching, such as patting, pinching, or constant brushing against another's body

    5.  suggesting or demanding sexual involvement accompanied by implied or explicit threats concerning one's grades or similar personal concerns

    Students may file a formal grievance of sexual harassment with the building principal.  If the alleged harasser is the building principal, with whom a grievance would normally be filed with, the student may file the grievance with the assistant superintendent.

    All matters involving sexual harassment complaints shall remain confidential to the extent possible.



    North Conejos School District is committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment, free from bullying.

    Bullying means any written or verbal expression, or physcial act or gesture, or pattern of therof, that is intended to cause distress upon one or more students in the school, on school grounds, in school vehicles, at a designated school bus stop, or at school activities or sanctioned events.

    Any student who engaged in bullying behavior is subject to appropriate discipline, up to and including, but not limited to suspension, expulsion or referral to law enforcement.



    A safe and disciplined learning environment is essential to a quality educational program.  District-wide standards on student attire are intended to help students concentrate on school work, reduce discipline problems, and improve school order and safety.  The Board recognizes that students have a right to express themselves through dress and personal appearance; however, students shall not wear apparel that is deemed disruptive or potentially disruptive to the classroom environment or to the maintenance of a safe and orderly school.

    Any student deemed in violation of the dress code shall be required to change into appropriate clothing, or make arrangements to have appropriate clothing brought to school immediately.  If the student cannot promptly obtain appropriate clothing, the student shall remain in the administrative office until appropriate clothing can be obtained.  In these cases, there shall be no further penalty.

    Repeated vialations of the district dress code may lead to detention, suspension or other disciplinary action as outlined in the school discipline code.

    Unacceptable Items

    The following items are deemed disruptive to the classroom environment or to the maintenance of a safe and orderly school and are not acceptable in school buildings, on school grounds, or at school activites:

    1.  Shorts, dresses, skirts or other similar clothing shorter than midthigh length

    2.  Sunglasses and/or hats worn inside the building

    3.  Inappropriately sheer, tight or low-cut clothing (e.g., midriffs, halter tops, backless clothing, tube tops, garments made of fishnet, mesh or similar  material, muscle tops, etc.) that bare or expose traditionally private parts of the body including, but not limited to, the stomach, buttocks, back and breasts

    4.  Tank tops or similar clothing with straps narrower than 1.5 inches in width

    5.  Sagging or wearing pants below the waist and/or in a manner that allows underwear or bare skin to show, or the wearing of excessively baggy pants with low hanging crotches are prohibited.  Belt ends may not hang down more than 2 inches.

    6.  Any clothing, paraphernalia, grooming, jewelry, hair coloring, accessories, or body adornments that are or contain any advertisement, symbols, words, slogans, patches, or pictures that:

    • -Refer to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons
    • -Are of a sexual nature
    • -By virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, or other attribute denote membership in gangs which advocate drug use, violence, or disruptive behavoir
    • -Are obscene, profane, vulgar, lewd, or legally libelous
    • -Threaten the safety or welfare of any person
    • -Promote any activity prohibited by the student code of conduct
    • -Otherwise disrupt the teaching-learning process


    Appropriate athletic clothing may be worn in physical education classes.  Clothing normally worn when participating in school-sponsored extra-curricular or sports activites (such as cheerleading uniforms and the like) may be worn to school when approved by the sponsor or coach.




    1.  All passengers shall remain seated when the bus is in motion.

    2.  Passengers shall not extend arms, legs, or head out of the bus windows.

    3.  Passengers shall not talk to the driver while the bus is in motion except in an emergency.

    4.  Passengers shall not mar or deface the bus and its equipment.  Damage to the bus other than regular usage will be paid for by the rider.

    5.  Passengers will not tamper with the emergency doors or windows or any part of the bus equipment.

    6.  Upon entering or departing the bus, students shall walk in front of the bus.

    7.  Passengers shall not fight or scuffle on the bus or behave in any manner that distracts from the well being or safety of the passengers on the bus.

    8.  Passengers shall exit the bus in an orderly fashion.


    Bus drivers may assign seats.


    Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.  Failure to comply with these bus rules could lead to a student being suspended from riding the bus.



    Students are not allowed to use the phone without a pass from a teacher.

    Students will not be called from class to accept any telephone calls.  In the event that parents need to talk with their child, a message will be delivered and the call will be returned as soon as possible.



    1.  Only one child per swing.

    2.  No standing, jumping from, or twisting in the swings.

    3.  No tackle football.

    4.  No wrestling.

    5.  Rocks, sticks, snowballs, or any dangerous objects will not be thrown.

    6.  Students are not to play on the gym fire escape.

    7.  No skateboarding, roller blading or using shoes with wheels on the school grounds during school hours.

    8.  No fighting.

    9.  Students are not to play in front of the building, between the buildings, and on the north side of the school.

    10.  Students are to come down the slide sitting and face forward.

    11.  Students are not to play any ball sports on the north end of the playground by the cafeteria.



    Outside food that is not in a sealed package will not be allowed.  This includes cupcakes for birthdays.  Parents may bring treats that are in the original, sealed package for their child's birthday.

    There is no selling of food items at Manassa Elementary.



    Indivdual school pictures will be taken in the fall and class pictures will be taken in the spring.



    The school shall make activity and school-time insurance available for students to purchase.  Information regarding such coverage shall be available from the school.  The school, however, is not an agent for the insurance company and has no liability as such.



    During the course of the school year, students may be involved in field trips.  Written parent permission is required for all students to participate in all field trips.  Field trips will be educational in nature; therefore, students who elect not to attend field trips will be considered absent.



    With the exception of extreme weather conditions, students will remain outside before/after school as well as for recesses.  In extreme weather conditions, students will be allowed in the gym or school.



    Any emergency school closing will be announced on radio stations KSLV and KGIW.  This announcement will also be posted on our website.  You can log on to www.northconejos.com for any district announcements.



    There will be two scheduled parent-teacher conferences.  However, a teacher may request a conference with a parent/guardian and the parent/guardian may request a conference with a teacher at any time during the school year.  If parents desire a conference with a teacher, please call the office at 843-5277 to arrange a meeting time.



    Students are not allowed to bring electronic games and devices to school.  This includes pagers, cell phones, personal stereos, electronic games, etc.  These items will be confiscated by school personnel and stored in the office.  The school is not responsible for any loss or damages of student personal property.



    Students may bring their cell phones to school so long as the cell phones are turned off and remain in the student's backpack.  Students may use their cell phones after the 4:00 dismisal bell.  Students who use cell phones during school hours, or whose cell phones ring during school hours will have their cell phones confiscated.  Repeated violation of this policy could lead to a suspension from school

    Cyber bullying is the willful and repeated use of cell phones, computers, and other electronic communication devices to harass and threaten others.

    -Changes in Colorado law now expose "cyber bullies" to a misdemeanor charge that carries a possible fine of up to $750 and up to six months in jail.

    -Cyber bullying is a criminal intent to alarm, annoy or harass; and it can be either direct or indirect.  An onlne posting need not be sent directly to an individual victim to fall under the statute.

    -All possible threats will be turned over to the Conejos County Sheriff's Office for investigation.  

    -People shouldn't do or say anything in the cyber world that they wouldn't say or do in person.



    As a service to the community and students, the school will throughout the course of the school year, send home flyers that are provided by various organizations regarding information on non-school related activities such as Scouts, town team baseball, the Hershey track meet, Kids Wrestling, etc.  While these are very worthwhile programs, there is no affiliation between the school and these organizations. 

    Students who choose to attend the Hershey track meet will be counted as absent on that day.



    Students and parents are encouraged to call 1-877-542-SAFE if they have any informatin about bullying, dangerous behavior, drugs, and alcohol, gangs, guns, sexual abuse, suicide threats, violence or vandalism.



    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C.  1232G; 34 CFR Part 99)  is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.  The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.

    FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children's education records.  These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level.  Students to whom the rights have transferred are "eligible students".

    Parents or eleigible students have the right to inspect and review the student's education records maintained by the shcool.  Schools are not required to provide copies of records unless, for reasons such as great distance, it is impossible for parents or eligible students to review the records.  Schools may charge a fee for copies.   



    The North Conejos School District is an equal opportunity educational institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status or disabilities in its activities, programs, or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title IX, ADA , and Section 504.

    For information regarding civil rights or grievance procedures, please contact:

    Superintendent of Schools  

    Office of Civil Rights

    North Conejos Schools  (719) 274-5174

    U.S. Department of Education , 1961 Stout Street  Denver, CO  80294   (303) 844-2991